The digital revolution in health testing.
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to bind your test results to your verified ID.

1. Open app via QR code (on package), register or log-in

2. Scan your ID card & verify identity

3. Scan test cassette w/QR code & start your test

4. Be filmed while performing the test

5. Wait 15min & take photo of your test result w/QR code

6. Store, use & export your verified result (QR code with timestamp)
»identyME is the first global acting platform, based on the international standards defined by the ICDS that enables seamless and fully digitalised and approved home testing. It also provides the tested person with a GDPR compliant certificate (including QR code) needed to travel or attend sports, music & culture events. The standard also introduces an additional safety and quality layer and prevents fake and fraudulent rapid tests from entering the global markets. NO TEST FACILITIES (POC) are needed anymore. Our global partner list will be announced soon.«
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